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USASGF Adopts Innovative Technology

Written by USASGF Staff on .

   USASGF has recently struck a deal with Split Draw System to bring state of the art technology to some most of its Tournaments. Paul Booe of USASGF stated, "Not all tournament promoters sanctioned by USASGF will be using this system in 2015 but we have plans to have it fully integrated by 2016 season." " Most of the Tournaments in 2015 will use it though." 

Growing Strong with Alliances

Written by USASGF Staff on .


   The Canadian Combat Aliance (CCA) has now joined forces with USA Submission Grappling Federation (USASGF) and has become the Official Representation of the International Sport Submission Grappling Federation (ISSGF) in Canada. Now the ISSGF has affiliated National Sanctioning Bodies in most of North America and are working hard to unify the North American Continent. With the addition of CCA also comes its sub Organizations on the Province level in Canada, most notably the Ontario Grappling Alliance (OGA).

     "These organizationsion (CCA, OGA) are vital to the education and unification under one fair rule set through out North America." Stated by Paul Booe, USASGF and ISSGF . "We are working hard to grow the sport of Submission Grappling under one fair rule set and to show its independence as a stand alone Sport." 

   Rohit Seth and Shane Weaver of CCA/OGA are heading up the implementation of the sport in Canada. Norman Yonkers of USASGF will be continuing his ongoing efforts of increasing the USASGF reach through out the United States. All three for mentioned will be assisting Paul Booe in the expansion of ISSGF through its current affiliations in Europe and Asia.

   "We are always looking to improve the Sport and to expand its ideas of fairness and equality between all grappling arts. Anyone who shares these ideas are always welcome. If you would like to get involved please contact us." Paul Booe, USASGF / ISSGF